Hi!  I'm Buster Balloon.

I created Kids' Entertainer Fest to be an online event accessible to, and as diverse as the many wonderful performers in our global community, and the families they entertain.  Featuring a wide variety of both voices, and ideas.  

I also wanted to create an event that would really focus on the real work of becoming better and more successful entertainers.  Filled with the types of information and conversations that I wish I'd had access to earlier in my career.  And the ones that I still find the most valuable now.

Whether you are a puppeteer, a clown, a magician, a musician, a juggler, a costumed character, or any other type of performer, if you are serious about entertaining family audiences, you are welcome here, and you belong.

And if you have any questions, or thoughts about how we can do better, please email me at [email protected]